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  • 香港城市大學語言文學碩士 MA in Linguistics - HK

  • 英國大學教育學榮譽學士     B. Ed. (Hons) - U.K.

  • 通過英語基準試評核 Benchmark Test Approved

  • 香港註冊學位教師Registered Graduate Mistress

  • 18年中學教師經驗

  • 多年中小學英語導師




‘Grammar is the Key’


Being an English teacher for years, I have been always asked by either students or parents about the ways to brush up English.  Learning English grammar is simply the key because I share the belief that grammar is an essential means to make sense of words.


I emphasize grammar to enable learners to acquire the fundamentals of English language.   On the other hand, I tend to push the kids to strive for the best of their abilities.  Learners studying grammar here follow through 10 levels step by step to develop their language skills at their own pace.  The flexible course structure allows me to group and teach students of similar abilities.  This is how we differ from their schools or other tutorial groups by encouraging students to start learning at a level with their most confidence. 


I enjoy conducting private tuition and especially grammar teaching.  The small-class teaching and in-depth study of grammatical rules supplemented with out-of-the-ordinary topics can motivate the most learning interest from students.  Both teaching and learning in my classes are fruitful and enjoyable. 




D SE (S4 to S6) 香港中學文憑試

I ELTS (16 years+) 雅思國際英語水平測試 

S TARTERS / MOVERS / FLYERS (K2-P6) 劍橋英語基礎考試

C PE/CAE /FCE/PET/KET (P6-S6) 劍橋綜合英語測試

O pinion sharing /discussing (DSE/ Interviewing) 英語溝通訓練

V ocabulary (Grammar: Entry-L9/Trinity Speaking) 增強詞彙

E ffective writing (Grammar: L7-L9) 高效寫作

R eading Comprehension (Grammar: Entry-L9) 閱讀理解


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E xams focusd (HKDSE/IELTS/YLE /TRINITY) 備試取分

N ew ideas (Grammar: Entry-L9) 創新教法意念

G rammar (Grammar: Entry-L9) 文法基礎

L istening (Phonics: L1-L4 / Trinity Speaking: L1-L7) 聽講混合

I ndividual tuition (1:1 / tailor-made) 個別小組教授

S peaking (Phonics: L1-L4 / Trinity Speaking: L1-L7) 拼音會話

H olistic teaching (Ms Yuen) 經驗導師

教室地址: 教室地址: 元朗壽富街55號 元朗中心308室 <卓思傑教育中心>

聯絡方法: WhatsApp 6312-0792